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R – Count number of rows matching a criteria – Stack Overflow

R: The Number of Rows/Columns of an Array

The Number of Rows/Columns of an Array. Description. nrow and ncol return the number of rows or columns present in x . NCOL and NROW do the same treating a vector as 1column matrix.

How do I get the number of rows of a data.frame in R? – Cross …

To get the number of cases, count the number of rows using nrow() or NROW() : > nrow(dataset) [1] 1000 > NROW(dataset) [1] 1000.

R – Count number of rows matching a criteria – Stack Overflow

vote 4 vote. sum is used to add elements; nrow is used to count the number of rows in a rectangular array (typically a matrix or data.frame); length is used to count the number of elements in a vector. You need to apply these functions correctly.

Dataframe – count number of rows in a data frame in R based on group

Here’s an example that shows how table(.) (or, more closely matching your desired output, data.frame(table(.)) does what it sounds like you are asking for. Note also how to share reproducible sample data in a way that others can copy and paste into their session. Here’s the (reproducible) sample data:

R: Number of rows for a DataFrame

nrow {SparkR}, R Documentation. Number of rows for a DataFrame. Description. Returns number of rows in a DataFrames. Usage. ## S4 method for signature ‘ DataFrame’ nrow(x). [Package SparkR version 1.5.1 Index]

Count number of distinct values in a column of a data table in R …

Hello,. I have a table with 2947 rows and 1 column containing only integer values in the range 1 to 30. I want to calculate the number of distinct values in that column. I used the for loop like this>. k=test[1,1] count=1 for(i in 1:2947) { if(test[i, 1]!=k) { count=count+1 k=test[i,1] } }. which seems to work fine.

How to count the missing value in R – tools – Data Science, Analytics …

I am currently working on a data set and I want to count number of missing value in my Ozone column but I am not able to count it str(z) ‘data.frame’: 153 obs. of 6 variables: $ Ozone : int 41 36 12 18 NA … R: int 190 118 149 313 NA NA 299 99 19 194 . … If you need NA count Row wiserowSums(is.na(z)).

R – number of rows matching condition | Just one line it

Rnumber of rows matching condition. It is a very simple question but all the answers I found online were using packages or weird stuff. Basically, I just wanted to count the number of rows of a data frame that were matching one or several conditions. And it is indeed very simple. Assuming a data frame …

Rexamples/Count NAs in a row.R at master · kmiddleton/rexamples …

set.seed(1). x < matrix(sample(c(1, NA), 100, TRUE), nrow=10) # creat some data. x. # count number of NAs per row. numNAs < apply(x, 1, function(z) sum(is. na(z))). numNAs. # remove rows with more than 3 NAs. x[!(numNAs > 3),]. # or. numNAs < rowSums(is.na(z)) ...

RedBeanPHP :: Counting

Counting. Counting records is very easy with RedBeanPHP. For instance, to count all beans of type book use: $numOfBooks = R::count( ‘book’ );. You can use additional SQL here as well: $numOfBooks … Counting something (R::count) that does not exist will not trigger an error but just return the number 0. Note about …

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